Casino Splendido Australia

Casino Splendido, online casino Australia, is home to more than 500 exceptional online casino games all offering fun, entertainment and great earning potential. We offer a superior range of table games, online pokies and more to intrigue and excite even the most discerning online casino player. Here you will find top-class quality gaming, mega jackpots and the most incredible payouts – up to a massive 96%. At Casino Splendido, online casino Australia, your chances of winning big is indeed exceptional.

At Casino Splendido, winning big is the order of the day. From the minute you sign up you will already see cash flying into your account in the form of a $120 free welcome bonus, – just for joining our online casino! Explore this excellent online casino today and encounter over 50 cutting-edge table games, hundreds of pokies and plenty of other games to keep you interested. The casino also offers a wealth of exciting promotional extras and bonuses including deposit boosts, extra spins, higher payouts, seasonal bonuses and more.
Our games library is very extensive, so use some time to familiarise yourself with it before playing. If you need help, we suggest some of the more popular titles like Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II. Our traditional blackjack tables are popular with our more experienced players, while our Baccarat tables give a more sophisticated touch. Casual gamers will enjoy the fun but highly rewarding five reel pokie games, offering a range of exciting features, jackpots and themes to tantalise your taste buds.

Players at our online casino Australia can use two play modes – Free Play and Real Play. With Free Play you have the opportunity to learn the ropes of the game before betting any real money. Once you are ready to play to win, use the Real Play mode. Open an account with our safe banking system, keep it funded, download the game software and voila, you now have access to our casino games and the full range of bonuses available at Casino Splendido Australia.

If that’s not enough reason to start playing at Casino Splendido, online casino Australia, we don’t know what is. Sign up today, claim your welcome bonus and let the games begin.

Video Poker

Video poker was introduced into the casino spectrum in the 1970’s and is still one of the most popular forms of gaming today. For players who enjoy a game of skill, a low house edge, the relatively high possibility of great winning as well as the anonymity of playing the game alone, then no other casino offering can compare to video poker. Springbok Casino offers an array of video poker games to choose from.

The rules of the game are relatively simple; players play 1 to 5 coins, they are then dealt five cards, they choose which ones to hold and which ones to discard and the machine replaces their discarded cards and the player is paid according to the final value of the cards remaining in their hand.

Video poker offers some of the best odds in online casino games. Many believe it is a great alternative to playing online slots as you have a higher chance of hitting a large jackpot and are 5 times more likely to actually win. The only downside to video poker versus online slots is that you have to learn the rules of the game. If merely guessing is your strategy then you may as well continue playing slot machines.

Here are a few tips to increase your odds when playing this highly entertaining game at Springbok Casino:

• Familiarise yourself with the specific video poker game you’d like to play beforehand by playing on the free casino options that most online casino platforms offer. Once you’re confident that you understand the rules of that particular game, then you can go ahead and play with real money.
• If you believe that you’re on a winning streak and would like to double your winnings, choose a card that is higher in value than the dealer’s. This risky move often pays off, resulting in a win.
• You’re not forced to make any rash, hurried moves so take your time and think things through.
• Always be on the lookout for the sought-after Royal Flush. Every time you have at least 4 cards that could make a Royal Flush, without a doubt, play your hand.



That is the number one golden rule in casino gambling, or any other kind or form of gambling. In any other cases, serious cases, really serious cases, there are many real stories about rich people getting broke because of excessive gambling habits. So our first tip before anything or starting the article, be a responsible gambler.


So how do you keep all the luck from going in? The answer – be lucky. There is only one thing to keep when your doing slot machine gambling, and that is to keep playing. So how do you know when the game or what part does the luck goes up? The answer – every session of the game is initiated individually, meaning every round is treated as a one time event.


Yes, each round is generated automatically and selected with different random selections. So your chances of winning is always 1 to 100. The jackpot never changes even though you have won it many times, the casino will be responsible for the payment regarding on the agreement you both carried on.